<p><b>JTI will bring to market "microcigarettes"</b></p> <p>Company is sure that novelty has opened absolutely new segment of tobacco market.</p> <p>In Winston line from Japan Tobacco International Company appeared completion. They have officially presented new <b>cigarettes</b> Winston XS Micro that became not just novelty, but according to Company's opinion, opened absolutely new segment of tobacco market.</p> <p><b>Cigarettes</b> justify their name: their diameter is only 4.7 mm. Besides, <b>cigarettes</b> have two other peculiarities - combined charcoal-acetate filter and use of LSS (Less Smoke Smell) technology that furthers decrease of tobacco smoke flavor.</p> <p>Pack design of new Winston XS Micro was developed by Italian creative agency Robilant Associati (Milano). First in the world production of Winston XS Micro begins on "Petro" plant in Saint Petersburg. Yet, it is the only plant that will produce these <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a>, and manufacturing capacities will allow producing up to 3.5 billions of Winston XS Micro annually. Line for manufacturing new super slims <b>cigarettes</b> was developed by JTI order by German Companies Hauni (<b>cigarettes</b> production itself) and Focke (packaging line).</p> <p>Company investments in the project have made 30 million USD. <b>Cigarettes</b> will be presented in two styles: Black (tar content - 4 mg, nicotine - 0.4 mg) and Silver (3 mg/0.3 mg).</p> <p>As Company considers, these <b>cigarettes</b> will be popular both among women and men. Targeted public - active, mobile people who appreciate independence and comfort and follow ancient truth "Pack Rat" without overloading private space.</p> <p>Launch of sales will be supported by marketing campaign. <b>Cigarettes</b> advertising will be placed in point of sales, print media.</p> <p>Let's remind that in November JTI has launched on the market Winston XStyle - compact <b>cigarettes</b> with charcoal filter-mouthpiece that were also produce using LSS technology that furthers lowering of tobacco smoke flavor intensity. Design of Winston XStyle pack was developed by French Agency Dragon Rouge.</p> <p>Winston brand joins five directions: classic Winston King Size, Winston Super Slims, compact super slims Winston XS, compact Winston XStyle slims. Now "micro-cigarettes" Winston XS Micro have joined them.</p>