<p><b>Britain scientists: smoking only on weekends is the same harmful as everyday smoking</b></p> <p>Academic specialists in alcohol, nicotine and other dependences, Northumbria University (England) employees have determined that people that smoke <b>cigarettes</b> only on weekends (In Great Britain there are a lot of such "vacationers") cause not less harm to their memory than those, who smoke <b>cigarettes</b> every day.</p> <p>Researchers have invited to test two groups of 28 tobacco smokers. First group consisted of those who smoke approximately 20 <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> during 1-2 days of weekend, and the second of usual smokers whose dose makes 10-15 <b>cigarettes</b> in any day. There was also the third, control company - 28 citizens who don't smoke and never did this.</p> <p>Volunteers were offered to go through prospective study of memory with the help of special video-test. It is when, for example, person is demonstrated video-clip with active street in the Center of city and they are asked in advance to make certain actions in certain places when they are shown on the screen. For example, to send to a friend text message, passing by grocery. If he forgot - he has forgotten.</p> <p>During going through the first quest both group of smokers have met the challenges to "remember everything" much worse than non-smokers, regardless the fact do they smoke every day or only on weekends. Memory worsening scientists from Northumbria connect with the fact that among persons that are tobacco dependent takes place loss of brain volume. Results of this strange research were published in "Open Addiction" magazine.</p>