<p><b>Kenyan prostitutes hunt tobacco farmers</b></p> <p>Since many farmers in Nyanza province that is located on the West of Kenya have signed contracts with cigarette giant "British American Tobacco" of least tobacco delivery, they began to earn by African standards lots of money - thousands of Kenyan shillings a day, .i.e. several hundreds USD a week. Suddenly enriched agrarians have relaxed and became objects of pursuit of prostitutes, who at present moment are coming together to the shores of Victoria Lake from all over the country, drive stakes alike colonies of hungry refugees and turn fertile tropic province in "red light region".</p> <p>Kenyan mass-media inform that some farmers from Nyanza have already become famous with fact that they have left in field brothels all tobacco fees till the last cent.</p> <p>Rural families are very unhappy with enrichment of overrun prostitutes and they can be understood. As on tobacco fields crouch backs women and children and when the payment hour comes, husbands take all earnings.</p>