<p><b>Paris smokers will bear pecuniary responsibility for pigsty</b></p> <p>Any smoker, if he is skinflint and boor, every day leaves after himself in prohibited places from five to 30 cigarette butts. Very soon in Paris such untidiness will cost smokers from 175 to 1050 euro - per 35 euro for each cigarette butt, thrown beside the basket or ashtray. Such strict but fair plans of filling city treasury were declared by city hall of Paris capital.</p> <p>Fransua Danie, person that is responsible for cleanness of Paris streets, squares and parks, motivates this decision of authorities with the fact that cigarette butts are very toxic (for example, fishes die because of them) and decompose very slow - several years. 315 tons of cigarette butts are annually accumulated in public places of Paris. It happens because after the ban for smoking in premises that was introduced in 2008, thousands of smokers started to smoke mostly on the streets. "Figaro" newspaper writes, that capital of world fashion little by little turns into huge ashtray.</p> <p>Paris authorities have already installed all over the city 2000 of street ashtrays but to 2014 they plan to bring their quantity to 14 thousands. Sanitation infringers will be watched by police and special supervisors.</p>