<p><b>"Smoking children" - can this make you quit smoking?</b></p> <p>Belgian photographer Frieke Janssens created series of scandal pictures on which are photographed smoking children.</p> <p>In May 2010 entire internet-community several days incessantly has discussed shocking YouTube video that shows smoking Indonesian boy. Most of us have quickly forgotten about all of these and continued living calmly but not Frieke. She was so impressed by video that decided to create her own series of pictures about kids and tobacco in attempt to evoke response from everyone and show ugly nature of this habit.</p> <p>Frieke has dressed children in adult clothing and made them do usual actions of smokers: make rings of smoke, take <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> from the pack with tooth or light up one cigarette from another. Of course, during the shooting nobody gave real <b>cigarettes</b> to children, they were changed with pieces of chalk and cheese sticks and smoke was received from candles and labdanum.</p>