<p><b>In USA was prohibited to place frightening pictures on cigarette packs</b></p> <p>Federal court in Washington has declared illegal frightening images of health harm on cigarette packs that take half of front and back side of pack.</p> <p>Court decision has blocked FDA (Food and Drug Administration) resolution that requires from tobacco Companies placing graphic images that show negative consequences of smoking.</p> <p>According to judge's words, relevant requirement of federal authorities is not legal as it contradicts amendment to USA Constitution that guarantees freedom of speech. He has also noted that USA government has other opportunities that allow them to control smoking. Among them, increase of taxes on <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a>, conducting anti-tobacco campaigns and prevention of smoking among minors.</p> <p>Tobacco Companies have earlier put forward claims against resolution of USA government about placing frightening pictures that, in particularly, consisted in the fact that goal of these pictures was horrification in front of smoking, calling on human emotions but not informative information that tells about smoking harm. Besides, pictures have negatively influenced design of packs and brands awareness.</p>