<p><b>To quit smoking China population prevent traditions of politeness</b></p> <p>Specialists of Changsha Universiry, that is located in China province, have made focus-group among rural population in order to find out how local traditions of using tobacco products influence the health of population. In social research participated 31 of people. These are smokers and no-smokers, farm workers that work in farm enterprises and lead life that tends to observing and saving old traditions. Rural Country people were divided into 6 age groups and were interrogated concerning national China custom of granting and changing <b>cigarettes</b>.</p> <p>In the depth of the PRC country tobacco products for long time are considered alternative currency as it is almost not spoiling product that is not afraid of inflation. <b>Cigarettes</b> are granted on name days, are given as bribe, if person treats with <b>cigarettes</b>, refusal can involve mortal affront. Practical Chinese give credit for universality of <b>cigarettes</b> as a gift. In Hunan, for example, there are granted without shame to smokers and no-smokers.</p> <p>Researchers have determined that heart-warming tradition of granting <b>cigarettes</b> is actually very harmful. Participant of focus-group have informed sociologists that young people, in fact children, start smoking in the depth of China after adults grant them <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> - grandfathers, grandmothers, neighbors. It is customary in China to respect adults.</p> <p>The same traditions prevent Chinese to quit smoking. When a person quits smoking and stops buying <b>cigarettes</b>, someone of his relatives starts to serve him or grant <b>cigarettes</b> in whole packs. In such cases not many of those who are quitting smoking will have enough will power to say "no" or regift pack to someone else.</p> <p>Scientists from Changsha University consider that state Health agencies have to pay more attention and strength to propaganda among senior citizens - old people have to learn on their own cost advantages of life without tobacco in order not to allow smoking among those who listens their wise words.</p>