<p><b>In Turkey are going to close and deprive of names all hookah smoking places</b></p> <p>Famous Turkish coffee shops where is served local hookah (narghile) can disappear soon as phenomena. Turkish Health Commission chairman Cevdet Erdol, fan of smoking control in public places has submitted for deputy consideration law draft about cessation of activity of coffee shops with hookah smoking.</p> <p>If novelty will be supported by Turkish legislators, narghile will be considered tobacco productsm using which in closed premises is not allowed. I.e. owners of coffee-hookah shops will have to flush smokers outside or to cease business. In names of coffee-hookah shops is prohibited to use tobacco theme, for infringements are provided penalties in amount from 50 to 250 thousands Turkish lira.</p> <p>Besides, for manufacturers of aromatized tobacco for narghile will be prohibited to send through fast-food chain free samples of products as it was practiced for centuries - both, during sultans and after Ataturk.</p>