<p><b>In Finnish shops cigarettes cannot be seen anymore</b></p> <p>From January 2012 in Finland came into force law that prohibits displaying tobacco products on counter. Finland has encountered unusual phenomenon - in the shops all over the country appear queues and congestions. Reason - next stage of anti-tobacco law of the country that was long ago declared one of the strongest. Earlier came into force ban for smoking in public places, purchasing of tobacco products by minors and for minors and also were significantly increased prices on tobacco products.</p> <p>Beginning with 2012 on Finland territory is prohibited to display in shop-window tobacco products and besides it is prohibited to discuss such product with buyer, advertise, recommend buying these or other <b>cigarettes</b>. With separate line in the law is specified that just talking with buyer of tobacco products is allowed to sellers. From now on in every shop is post up table with numbers, per this table buyer should decide on choice and purchase <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> by saying their number.</p> <p>This novelty is urged not only to protect children and youth of drawing into vicious habit and not to tempt those who quit smoking. Next step in smoking control in the country will become refuse of tobacco vending machines from 2015.</p> <p>Finland is not first country that has introduced "blind" trade with tobacco. In Norway new trade rules are in force for 2 years already but in Iceland trade with <b>cigarettes</b> without images during 11 years. And according to the experience of these countries soon both buyers and sellers will get used to new conditions and will queues disappear.</p> <p>One more measure on smoking control is not so evident for local people but can appear to be unexpectedness for tourists. From 2012 in Finland hotels is allowed to smoke only in one in ten rooms, in small hotels is allowed to smoke in three rooms even if total number of rooms is less than thirty. And owners have the right to declare their hotel wholly free of smoking.</p>