<p><b>In Israel hospital patients started to be penalized for smoking</b></p> <p>Thousand shekels is approximately 265 USD per present exchange rate. Namely on such proper amount hospital administration from Nagaria city decided to penalize all who will be caught with lighted cigarette or another tobacco product on institution territory where smoking is strictly prohibited. In order to catch and punish medical staff, patients and visitors, "secret agents of chief doctor" have taken course of further training at Police department. Hospital inspectors, totally they are 15, are dressed in uniform, they are not afraid of filthy language or physical resistance: if you have lighted up cigarette, be so kind and pay one thousand shekels.</p> <p>Initiative of Israeli medics is worthy of respect and attention. To smoke in medicinal institutes of the country is prohibited for long time now but till today to penalize infringers had the right only police that cannot be on duty in every ward or bench in the park and municipal medical inspectors are not people that suffer of enthusiasm but that, for some reason, compassionate to smokers. Now all penalties will be spent on necessities of hospital and not of some state institutions.</p> <p>Ministry of Health of Israel will attentively study experience of smoking control in the Nagaria city hospital and, possibly, will apply it in other state medicinal institutions of the country.</p>