<p><b>Rotten teeth wait for Irishmen on cigarette packs</b></p> <p>Minister of Health of Ireland Dr. James Reilly has signed normative document according to which from February 1st 2013 all tobacco Companies that sell their own <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> in the country will have to place on their packs with <b>cigarettes</b> awful pictures - as it is made in Belgium, Canada, Uruguay and some other countries where struggle with smoking is made not on words. Totally there are eighteen such desperate countries.</p> <p>Dr. Reilly has told journalists that text warnings are not enough.</p> <p>Mission of these terrible pictures is easy to shock smoker, make him look at himself from point of view of perspectives that are imposed by harmful weakness.</p> <p>Minister of Health of Ireland intends to prohibit smoking in the cars next year.</p> <p>According to WHO, approximately 29 % of Ireland population still smoke.</p>