<p><b>Fake surgeon was arrested for smoking during surgery and other infringements</b></p> <p>This story was made public only after infectious illness began soon after San Francisco (USA) resident suffered liposuctioning. Woman has accused plastic surgeon of this. Even before surgery he seemed weird to her. For example, he smoked long and thick cigar during examination and asked patient to hold dropper by herself during procedures. Furthermore, in couple of days this surgeon appeared in her house with six pounds of fats that were removed from women's body. Doctor has told that he needs help to release of fats that he has ultimately just washed to canalization in the reduced owner's WC.</p> <p>It took the cake and woman has addressed to police. To 49 years old Carlos Guzmangarza was presented a number of accusations including practice without medical license, identity theft and other. Woman will have correcting surgery for retrieving harm made by Guzmangarza. Moreover, treatment will be made to her daughter as well as plastic surgeon has made her unknown injections of acne in face.</p> <p>Guzamangarza can stay in prison 12 years and pay penalty in amount of 750000 USD.</p>