<p><b>Authorities of Ajman Emirate put smokers on the spot</b></p> <p>Citizens and nationals of various countries that leave in residential districts of Ajman Emirate - the smallest within United Arab Emirates - are forced to think on how to say goodbye to the habit of tobacco smoking. The reason is unprecedented ban on sale of cigarettes and hookah accessories in Ajman bedchamber. On realization of this ban Emirate authorities gave to merchants three months.</p> <p>In such a way responded in Ajman to decision of the UAE head, Khalifa bin Zayed sheikh about smoking ban in public places, which, according to strict Emirate laws include accommodations and the curtilage.</p> <p>Arabic tobacco taboo as "Gulf Today" edition informs is agreed with World Health Organization (WHO) and is approved by it.</p> <p>Ajman is the only Emirate on the territory of rich federation where wasn't found petroleum.</p> <p>Nevertheless, there are quite enough guest workers from Hindustan countries and most of them smoke.</p>