<p><b>Barak Obama stands for placing images on cigarette packs about smoking harm</b></p> <p>President Barak Obama insists on placing images on cigarette packs about smoking harm. His administration on November 27th has appealed from judgment that has blocked this initiative.</p> <p>Earlier in November circuit judge Richard Leon considered requirement to place images of sick lungs, teethes and cancer tumors on cigarette packs as rights' infringement of tobacco Corporations. According to the court judgment, initiative of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about placing such "illustrations" may contradict the first amendment to USA constitution that prohibits restricting freedom of speech.</p> <p>However, Barak Obama decided to defend his initiative in higher authorities. President that has recently quit smoking has declared of readiness to come to Supreme Court, if visual information about devastating consequences of nicotine dependence will not be placed on cigarette packs as it was planned, beginning with September 2012.</p> <p>"To quit smoking is really difficult. Believe me, I know it", - head of the government declared earlier.</p> <p>"Tobacco is the main reason of premature mortality of US citizens, - he said. - However, all these fatal cases could be prevented."</p> <p>"Manufacturers of <a href=="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> stand against my initiative as they don't want to be honest with consumers, - Barak Obama has stated. - Unfortunately, it is not surprisingly".</p> <p>At present moment in USA smoke approximately 46 million people.</p>