<p><b>On Bali Island resorts will be prohibited to smoke in all public places</b></p> <p>Let's take, for example, Nepal - also popular tourist region - it is prohibit to smoke in public as well. But this ban in fact doesn't apply on white gentlemen-tourists - smoke wherever and whatever you wish. On Bali authorities are more severe and symbol of this is recent detention of 14 years old Australian detention schoolboy to whom policemen have sold two of wooers of hash.</p> <p>From Jakarta inform that authorities of local government of Bali Island have pushed through thoughts to realty new law, according to which in the nearest, but not specified precisely, time on polar Bali and Lombok resorts tobacco smoking will be prohibited.</p> <p><a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>Cigarettes</b></a> are declared to be an outlaw in hotels, tourist places, governmental institutions, schools, hospitals and policlinics, on markets, in airports and Parks of Culture and Rest. Also in these public places is prohibited tobacco advertising what, for the most smoking country in the world, which is Indonesia, looks like super breakthrough to civilization.</p> <p>Infringers of newly fledged taboo have chance either to spend six months in the prison or a fine in amount of 50 million of local rupie what makes at the present exchange rate 5.5 thousands USD.</p>