<p><b>Intake of pills against smoking leads to suicide</b></p> <p>Scientists from American University Wake Forest (North Carolina, USA) during last research of popular preparation against smoking Champix side effect have found out that even short-term drug intake causes thoughts about suicide.</p> <p>Professor Curt Furberg considers that this preparation should be prohibited for sale as soon as possible and admits that it will be quite difficult to do this. In struggle of small group of professors with huge Pharmaceutical Corporation Pfizer are too unequal forces.</p> <p>Champix is being produced since 2006, having earned high popularity all over the world, thanks to high effectiveness with smoking control, however its' intake causes unreasonable attacks of aggression and attempts of suicide. Professor considers that Champix intake has lead to suicide at least 290 of persons since this preparation production began.</p> <p>Pfizer manufacturer notes that during clinical researches among people that quit smoking with the help of Champix and also other preparations with active operating agent varenicline in fact was marked fall of disposition, irritability, sleeplessness and also appetite strengthening and weight gain. However, manufacturer specifies that exactly the same symptoms are marked among all people that quit smoking because of syndrome of nicotine cancellation regardless the fact whether they intake any preparations or not, that is why there are no reasons to "talk down" on their product.</p> <p>We just have to note the fact that research of American scientists confirms one more time declaration of Australian specialists about Champix hazard.</p>