<p><b>Australian senate has approved cigarette sale in "faceless" packs</b></p> <p>Australian senate has approved draft law that in case of its approval by Parliament will oblige manufacturers of tobacco products to produce <b>cigarettes</b> in identical packs, without use of brand logos and images regardless of trademark - Australian television and radio broadcasting Corporation ABS informed.</p> <p>Australia will be the first country in the world where will be sold "faceless" <b>cigarettes</b> what will further to reduction of death rate of diseases caused by smoking, Australian Minister of Health Nicola Roxon has declared.</p> <p>Appropriate change in rules about sale of tobacco products, as it is expected will come into force in December 2012 providing that lower house of Australian parliament supports the draft law that began to be discussed in April of the last year.</p> <p>Especially, it is assumes that tobacco Companies will sell <a href="http://www.cigline.net/"><b>cigarettes</b></a> in packs that have dark-green color. Except the ban on placing the logo of tobacco Company it is prohibited to use any image that reminds of manufacturing Company.</p> <p>It is provided that approximately 75 % of the <b>cigarettes</b> pack cover will take photographic images of sick organs of human body and also images of children that inherited hereditary diseases of smokers and pictures of dying people, whose health was ruined by tobacco smoking.</p> <p>Tobacco Companies have voiced criticism addressed to Australian government actions and have declared about their intention to fight for their rights in court.</p> <p>According to words of Australian tobacco industry representative Scott Mackintire, government will have to spent million of dollars only for actions in a lawful manner and as result government's expenses on litigations with tobacco Companies can make billions of dollars.</p> <p>"We have invested billions dollars in these brands. Unfortunately, the situation is that government pushes us on this path" - Mackintire told to ABC.</p> <p>At the same time, Australian Minister of Health has declared that such expressions of tobacco Companies about billionth compensations though court action is only the threatening. "They have used this argument as threatening in order that government and senate would not accept the law. We are ready to lawsuits, we hope that they will note take such actions" - Roxon told.