<p><b>Manufacturer of Marlboro cigarettes dismisses 15 % of stuff because of demand fall: people quit smoking</b></p> <p>Altria Group Inc. that produces <a href="http://cigline.net/?action=discount&cigarettes=Marlboro&prod=24"><b>Marlboro cigarettes</b></a> has declared about reduction of personnel by 15 % because of sales' fall.</p> <p>Major <b>cigarettes</b> manufacturer Philip Morris USA that owns Altria Group intends to 2013 to reduce costs by 400 millions USD, by closing plants and dismissing staff.</p> <p>World sale of <b>cigarettes</b> fall significantly not only because of taxes increase and smoking ban - many people quit smoking, taking care of their health. Besides, vogue on smoking goes away what causes business problems of tobacco products manufacturing, marks Associated Press.</p> <p>Stuff should be informed of dismisses to middle of December and they will have to leave Company till the end of February of next year.</p>