<p><b>In Japan cigarettes will get up by 75 %</b></p> <p>Japan Minister of Health Yoko Komiyama has officially declared that state government plans to increase rate of excise duty on tobacco products. As results of price increase one pack of <b>cigarettes</b> will cost in Japan 700 yen in average (9.15 USD) what is by 75 % more than now. New Tokyo tax policy stipulates growth of retail prices on <b>cigarettes</b> by 100 yen per year during the next several years. However, Mrs. Komiyama has added, it will be quite difficult to introduce this policy as leading tobacco manufacturer in Japan, "JT" Corporation belongs to government and demand decrease on <a href="http://www.cigline.net/"><b>cigarettes</b></a> can result in some budget deficit. Meanwhile, medicine attendance of tobacco dependence victims costs for Japan more than 4 trillion yens annually. The hour came to choose what is more advantageous.</p> <p>Almost 10 % of Japans that are under 20 years smoked at least once in their life, 1.5 % smoke every day. Among adult people of nicotine dependence of various degrees suffers one in four Japan people and it is less than 10 years ago when statistics stated that in the country smokes one in three.</p> <p>Japan Ministry of Health also intends to prohibit smoking in offices, entitling businessmen to equip their offices with specialized smoking rooms with powerful exhaust ventilation. Such prohibition will apply on restaurants and hotels during the nearest two-three years that is why their owners are recommended to take care of smoking rooms improvement already now.</p>