<p><b>Egypt reports about liquidation of 32 millions of counterfeit cigarettes</b></p> <p>One of the ways of huge batches of counterfeit <b>cigarettes</b> penetration in Mediterranean and European countries is Suez Canal. Egyptian Customs to the best of its ability and inspiration tries to restrain flows of counterfeit <b>cigarettes</b> that come in ships' containers from exotic Asian and African countries. In the press-release of Port-Said Customs is said that in August in this port was withdrawn and liquidated 4 million of <b>cigarettes</b>.</p> <p>It is the tenth such operation of Egyptian Customs in 2011. Totally from January in Port Said were destroyed 32 million of <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> on amount of approximately 19 million Egyptian pounds. These are not bad money on which 50 cars can be bought or luxurious house with sea view on a good resort.</p> <p>Source in official Egyptian circles has informed that smugglers have become activate after the excise tax rate on tobacco products was increased in the country. Because of counterfeit tobacco products on internal market Egyptian treasury loses up to 160 million pounds. Approximately 21 % of <b>cigarettes</b> smoked by Egyptians are counterfeit. Twelve months ago this country made just 0.01 %, tobacco mob has reinforced its positions after famous events in the first quarter of 2011.</p>