<p><b>Orangutan Shirley from Malaysian zoo was prohibited to smoke</b></p> <p>The biggest Malaysian shame is monkey named Shirley that has bummed <b>cigarettes</b> from Johor Bahru zoo visitors for several years is not embarrass with its' behavior citizens and visitors anymore. Shirley and few neighbors of it were sent on reeducation after the animals have stirred to pity of state Commission that came from Kuala Lumpur after many complaints and petitions. The monkey and its' company was moved to another zoo located in country side on South of Malacca. After quarantine activists-ecologists plan to relocate Shirley to conservation from Borneo Island where it will not have persons from who, it can bum <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a>.</p> <p>"Melaka" Zoo director where Shirley was relocated says that according to official data orangutan doesn't have physical nicotine dependence. He says that this monkey is used to imitate people who have vexed it for years, smoking <b>cigarettes</b> near the aviary.</p> <p>However, according to tree huggers' evidence, Shirley has periods of disturbance when she is not given to smoke for a long time. Before making a decision with methods of Shirley's rehabilitation, her blood analysis should be made. Veterinaries are only about of doing this.</p>