<p><b>Smokers are really bad lovers - proved by science</b></p> <p>"Britain urological magazine" has published research results made by group of medics from Boston (USA) under the charge of Doctor Christopher Hart. Scientists have determined that representatives of sterner sex, who have managed to quit tobacco smoking, show in the bed much better parameters of sexual health than those who wanted to quit with <a href="http://cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> but he couldn't.</p> <p>Both men types, of course, haven't noticed any intimate problems. The words that are written on cigarette packs about risk of impotency, they considered meaningless phrase and childish bogeyman stories.</p> <p>Doctor Hart and his colleague Cindy Meston from Texas University have invited 65 such smoking "heroes" to take a free course of 8-week replacement therapy with the help of nicotine plaster. Before course beginning, at the middle and at the end of it men watched in closed laboratory cabins porn movies, placing on their penises super fancy medical devices - electrometers that objectively determine level of excitement. For value judgment volunteers were given enquirers.</p> <p>Two months of therapy have passed and 20 men quit smoking but 45 have failed. First group had more powerful erection and peak of excitement because of watching porn movies started earlier than those who continued to smoke tobacco products.</p> <p>Those who have quit smoking have declared in few days that they haven't noticed any difference in real intimate life. Doctor Hart considers that between laboratory truth and its realization in "field" bed conditions time should pass as a lot depends not only on vicious habits but also on fluctuations in partners' mood.</p> <p>Previous researches have shown that smokers with big experience risk becoming impotents twice more that non-smoking men. Because of smoking vasoconstriction takes place what aggravates erection as physiologic process.</p>