<p><b>Advertising cigarettes among students, China risks being short of 10 trillion USD</b></p> <p>Amazing, but it is fact: thousands of children from not rich agricultural regions of Western China wouldn't be able to go to school and grip basics of sciences, if there were no... <b>cigarettes</b>. A lot of country schools exist and work at the cost of powerful sponsor - state tobacco Company, monopolistic manufacturer of <b>cigarettes</b> in PRC (People's Republic of China).</p> <p>At the school gates is shining advertising on the boards with such, for example, text on purely Chinese: "To become genius is a hard work, tobacco will help you to acquire talent". State tobacco monopoly in such a way doesn't hide its' intention to addict to <a href="http://cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> as many young PRC citizens as possible. Tobacco advertisement on the radio, TV and in newspapers is prohibited but nobody renews sponsorship.</p> <p>Anti-tobacco activists testify that attempts to reduce the level of vicious habit propagation in the most smoking country in the world look weak and even miserable. Back in May in PRC has been officially introduced ban for smoking in public places. But penalties that breakers are imposed are miserly and there is practically no propaganda. And all of this is because the ban observance is controlled by the same &#1057;hina National Tobacco Corp. Classic scheme "bees against honey" - in action.</p> <p>In China live more than 320 million of smokers.</p> <p>Meanwhile instead of struggle for nation health China strenuously develops internal market of tobacco products. This market grows by 14 per cent (according to other data - by 19 %) annually and by 2015 it is anticipated that total volume of cigarettes' and cigars' sale in the country will make 1.8 trillion yuan.</p>