<p><b>Smoking after menopause furthers growth of sex hormone's level</b></p> <p>Recent research, results of which were published in "Endocrinology and metabolism magazine", has confirmed physiologists' guess that women who smoke tobacco in post-menopause have much higher levels of androgen and estrogen than those women who don't smoke have and that there is direct relation among quantity of smoked tobacco and level of sex hormones.</p> <p>Earlier has been determined that high content of estrogens and androgens in the aged female body means increased risk of uterus cancer or/and breast and also pancreatic diabetes of second type. But together with smoking excessive endocrine profile multiplies risks stated above many times.</p> <p>Dr. Judith Brand from Utrecht University (Netherlands) has marked that even tobacco itself has toxic and carcinogenic features; among aged women it can provoke chronic diseases with the help of hormonal mechanisms. These are bad news, good news are that this effect is convertible: women that have quitted smoking levels of sex hormones reduce and normalize.</p> <p>In this research of Holland scientists took part 2030 women with post-menopause, in age from 55 to 81. Not them personally, but their blood samples. Participants were divided into three groups: "smokers", "never smoked" and "quit smoking". It proved that women who smoked last cigarette 1-2 years ago had the same levels of sex hormones as those who have never smoked.</p> <p>One more chapter in gross book about smoking harm and advantage of tobacco abstention is written. Additional researches, understanding the mechanism of physiological processes are necessary, but conclusions can and should be made already today.</p>