<p><b>Cigarette after sex reduces probability to give birth to a boy - scientists say</b></p> <p>Scientists of many countries declare that in the world are born more and more girls. Such tendency is observed for the last ten years and the reason of this phenomenon they see in mass passion of smoking among girls.</p> <p>Scientists state that if girl smokes cigarette after making love, with this she reduces probability to give birth to a boy.</p> <p>Interrogation was made among more than 12 thousands parents of newly-born children. Interrogated persons have been divided into 3 categories: those who don't smoke, those who smoke one pack of <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> a day or less and those who smoke more than one pack a day. In interrogation have been included questions how often they smoke, after what time after making love and before it.</p> <p>Basing on made researches scientists have managed to find out that nicotine influences the process of conception. Sperm that are able to conceive a boy are more subject to damage risk as result of smoking. Female chromosomes in the sperm are more resistant to nicotine impact.</p> <p>Future parents, who plans to conceive a boy is fancy to suggest to refuse smoking at all, or at least for some time before planned conceive.</p> <p>If both potential parents smoke in the couple, chances of giving birth to a boy reduce proportionally and tend to null.</p>