<p><b>Europe switches to fire-safe cigarettes</b></p> <p>Retired criminalists that have nothing to lose incognito say that number of real fires due to smoking in the bed a little, let's say, cedes to statistics of expert conclusions and news announcements about how a home has burned off because the owner has smoked and he was drunk. Sometimes of mismatch find out persons close to prosecutor's office - for example, when "smoker from bed" has two bullets in the belly. Fire inspectors from European countries are also specialists in diagnosis of smoking in bed. But with recent EU decision about switch of outlaw-smokers from Old World to fire-safe <b>cigarettes</b>, criminalists will have to pay attention oftener not to vicious habits of the deceased person but on other factors of fire safety - fire protection of metal constructions and wood, quality of wiring and also to the fact whether the owner prepared drugs.</p> <p>From November current year <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> (even counterfeit) that are sold in EU countries will meet new European standards of fire safety. On cigarette paper are applied special bands that extinguish cigarette if it is not smoked - don't support the fire with power of the lungs.</p> <p>Rescue service specialists consider that such a measure will decrease number of fires because of smoking in the bed by 50 %, saving thousands of European lives. At the same time fire-safe <b>cigarettes</b> are much toxic than usual as smoker has to inhale combustion products of bands' flame-resisting agents and also white glue with the help of which they are stuck to cigarette paper.</p> <p>Safe <b>cigarettes</b> have "copper" flavor, make sick, and cause headache and huskiness. Smoke of such tobacco products contains 11 % more carbon monoxide and 14 % more naphthalene.</p> <p>In USA where fire-safe <b>cigarettes</b> are already sold in 30 states, dissatisfied consumers switch to roll-ups, disappointing firemen and making rich Sellers of machines intended for filling roll-ups with cheap pipe tobacco.</p>