<p><b>In Nepal have prohibited smoking</b></p> <p>Katmandu, August 8th. In Nepal public places smoking is prohibited form now on.</p> <p>Appropriate law in the country where more than 40 % of population smokes came into force on August 7th.</p> <p>Ban concerns smoking in airports, hotels, restaurants, government buildings and offices of Companies. Besides, it is prohibited to smoke in some parks and temples.</p> <p>Within a radius of 100 meters from stated places sale of tobacco products is also prohibited. Smokers-breakers will have to pay fine in amount of 100 rupee (less than 1.5 USD), however for repeated violation they will have to pay till 100 thousands rupee, i.e. more than 1400 USD.</p> <p>Besides, pregnant women and persons that haven't reached 18 years cannot <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>buy cigarettes</b></a>, but those who dare to sell them to these people also will have to pay penalty.</p> <p>Under prohibition falls also tobacco products' advertising.</p>