<p><b>American smokers have become passionate devotees of pipe tobacco</b></p> <p>Sales of pipe tobacco in USA have grown higher than Statue of Liberty placed on the top of Empire State Building. Unprecedented demand comparable perhaps only with period of colonization, when there were no <b>cigarettes</b> yet but pipes of peace have been smoked out very quickly and regularly, doesn't mean at all that Americans have started to smoke these traditional smoke generating devices.</p> <p>Big packs of pipe tobacco and machines for filling it in empty cigarette cartridges are bought up in tobacco shops and through Internet. Economic US citizens decided not to wait when carton of blue <a href="http://cigline.net/?action=discount&cigarettes=Chesterfield&prod=109"><b>Chesterfield</b></a> will cost as Chester bed and preferred to save, spending hour on manufacturing of the same conditional carton of cigarettes manually.</p> <p>For example, carton of "Kool" cigarettes costs today 50 USD, but if you buy machine, cartridge and tobacco separately, it costs only 26 USD and without horrible pictures on packs.</p> <p>Vogue on pipe tobacco and roll-ups began in 2009 when size of federal excise tax on pack of manufactory <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> has rocket from 39 cents to 1.01 USD. The same happened with rolled-up tobacco and big cigars. But excise on tobacco for pipes has grown not a lot.</p> <p>As result of this vogue development this State treasury for two and a half years was short of almost billion USD in form of excise incomes - as smokers of cigarettes and roll-ups have turned them together with comparative cheap "fuel" for "pipes for peace".</p> <p>In Pennsylvania state pipe tobacco costs almost 10 times less than cigarette. That is why shops for sophisticated smokers appear like mushrooms after the rain. Cigarette filled with tobacco for pipes burns out quicker than usual sale of which for the last time has reduced by 7 % - not because nation quits smoking but because it looks what and where to buy cheaper.</p>