<p><b>German police is losing the war with tobacco contraband</b></p> <p>Spending millions of euro on struggle with no excise-tax <b>cigarettes</b> penetration to German market, German government suffers running losses because the struggle doesn't have any sense and country has significant shortage of excise incomes in budget. Leading tobacco Companies are also calculating losses. They have also spent money for struggle with contraband.</p> <p>According to statistics presented by "Die Welt" newspaper, in 2010 German people have smoked approximately 22 millions of illegal <b>cigarettes</b>, which include 400 thousands - in Berlin. It is 40 % of all tobacco smoked by Germans. On border with Poland this index reaches 60 %.</p> <p>For the last years criminal clans that make a fortune on cigarette contraband have developed several their own brands of tobacco products that are not registered in any country of the world.</p> <p>Especially for contraband export in EU countries has been invented cigarette brand that imitates <b>Camel</b>. It is called "Jin Ling". One carton of such <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> (10 packs) cost 22 euro in Germany. If buying from wholesalers on the East - only 2 euro. Smugglers and their trade agents get 1000% profit. It is much profitable than selling hashish and is comparable in profits with heroin contraband from Asia. Tobacco quality in illegal <b>cigarettes</b> is horrible. According to analysis data they contain chemical substances that are much more dangerous for health than nicotine.</p> <p>The main factor that complicates the task of German police borders are opened between European Union countries.</p>