<p><b>Smokers will have new worries</b></p> <p>Smoking ban became for the last years unpleasant tradition for smokers. Number of public places where limit or prohibit smoking at all, increases steadily. The purposes of prohibition are keeping people's health, a little seldom - fire safety of premises.</p> <p>From July 1st in Belgium was introduced total ban on smoking in coffee shops, restaurants and casinos. To smoke in public places is prohibited in Belgium since 2007 but then decisions were taken by premises owners. Now prohibition is not discussed and owners are waiting for 50 per cent decrease of profits.</p> <p>In Iceland to tobacco ban give form of concern about people's health. According to new draft law, <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> should disappear from supermarkets' counters, filling stations, small shops and duty free stores. Smoking habit authorities want to equal to drug dependence and smokers will be obliged to visit doctors.</p> <p>Authorities of England town Stony have decided to reduce number of heart and lung diseases that is why they introduce ban on outside smoking. Direction of New York mayor, Michael Blumberg, who has prohibited smoking in parks and city beaches, has inspired them on this step. Such measures have economic purpose - streets will become clearer and city will not have to spend millions on their cleaning.</p> <p>Such problem encountered beach owners along Cannes shore of France. They appeared to be so wasted with cigarette butts staved in the sand that it was needed to close beaches to clear the shore and then introduce ban on smoking in coastal zone.</p> <p>In China prohibition on smoking exists from beginning of present year. It is prohibited to smoke in hotels, offices, restaurants and other closed premises, including taxes. However, experts don't expect reduce of tourist flow in this connection as tourists can get ready for vicious habit abstention from the plane: as there is smoking ban for a long time now.</p> <p>Except direct prohibitions, authorities of many countries seek <b>cigarettes</b> manufacturing as well.</p> <p>Australian government is going to introduce unified packs for all types of tobacco. Tobacco plants beat the alarm: they are attacked from all sides. Warning about smoking harm that first was printed with tiny font, now takes 30 % on front side of the pack and up to 90 % on the back side.</p> <p>Ban has initiated cross process - manufacturers produce special cases that cover warning inscriptions. Or enclose inside the packs stickers that smoker can paste himself on warning about health harm that annoys him.</p>