<p><b>In German has fallen cigarettes consumption</b></p> <p>In Germany has reduced consumption of cigarettes with filter, informs Welt with reference to German Federal Office of Statistics data. Fall in demand and sales were especially notably during the last ten years: if in 2001 everyday consumption made 391 millions cigarettes, in 2010 - 229 millions.</p> <p>However, collaterally with this during the specified period has increased consumption of cigars and cigarillos from 7 to 11 millions a day, and also of freckles for roll-ups - from 38 to 70 tons. As base for statistic calculations were taken annual amounts of excise taxes on tobacco products returns. In this connection is marked that actual consumption (especially it concerns <b>cigarettes</b> with filter) can be significantly more as part of tobacco products is not imposed with excise tax and that is why it couldn't be taken into account. Here belong, first of all, <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> that were legally imported from abroad and also contraband.</p> <p>According to experts' estimations, approximately five per cents of annually consumed <b>cigarettes</b> in Germany, i.e. approximately 4.7 billions, get in the country, omitting the Customs. And the volume of contraband increases, although not significantly.</p> <p>In Ministry of Health with satisfaction have marked that high excise taxes on tobacco introduced by authorities have brought their fruits - German citizens began to smoke less. Let's remind in this connection that in accordance with the law that came into force on May 1st of current years, till 2015 a pack of <b>cigarettes</b> in Germany will increase in price by 6-8 eurocents annually. Due to returns from tobacco excise taxes authorities intend to fill budget in frame of scaled program of deficit reduction, approved summer 2010.</p>