<p><b>World without tobacco</b></p> <p>Fighters with smoking are accused of the fact that people are deprived of right to choose, discriminate and are totally non-democratic. They are reminded that Adolph Hitler was a very famous activist against smoking: namely Nazi doctors have issued first more or less detailed research about harm of smoking. People that are aware of medicine tests in Auschwitz and Mauthausen try not to think over the methods that were used for getting data for this research.</p> <p>Nazi past of smoking control present anti-tobacconists don't comment but accusations in discrimination they deny. "We don't discriminate anyone as 70 % of French people don't smoke", - declares Celine Fournier. Fournier is not thinking over the fact can that minority be discriminated as well.</p> <p>Generally, fighters with smoking are sure that the world without tobacco will become better and safer. The number of deceases of lung cancer and other diseases that people have used to connect to smoking will decrease. Means that are spent at present moment by government on compensations and incapacity pensions for smokers will be spent for relief and so on.</p> <p>There is noting more distant from truth than these dreams - fighters for smoker's rights consider. And the question is not in discrimination or suppression civil liberties. The world will not become safer but people will not stop dying of cancer as, according to doctors, 75 % of agencies dangerous for life are not contained in tobacco but in the air. Bike rider that uses city streets has higher chances to die of "slow and painful death" (extract of one of warnings on cigarette pack) than a smoker. All restrictions that are now introduced with reference to manufacturers and Sellers of tobacco products will not lead to significant decrease of smokers. People will just smoke cheaper, counterfeit cigarettes or cigarettes made surreptitiously. Introduction of restrictions on appearance of cigarette packs and on displaying <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> on shop boards wait not only anti-tobacco activists but organized criminals as well for whom will be easier to fake cigarettes and sell them on the black market.</p> <p>Finally, fighters with tobacco with their actions aggravate already difficult situation of those people who manufacture tobacco. "Recommendations (adopted on anti-tobacco conference in Uruguay) will destroy means of subsistence of millions poorest people on the Earth and will not bring any good for health" - president of International association of tobacco manufacturers Antonio Abrunhosa has declared in Lisboan.</p> <p>Activists against tobacco haven't reacted in any way on this declaration. Tobacco war that has started as quixotic attempt to protect of tobacco smoking dangers continues like usual trade war in which no of the sides inspires respect.</p>