<p><b>War with competitors. Part 2</b></p> <p>Indirectly connection of pharmaceutical Companies that produce means for replacement therapy with anti-tobacco lobby is being confirmed with both at first sight alogical hate of activists against smoking towards those methods of smoking cessation that has nothing to do with pharmaceutical Companies. Such as, electronic cigarettes that acquire more and more popularity.</p> <p>"We will never support electronic cigarettes; - press office chief of French anti-tobacco organization Les Droits des Non-Fumeurs ("Non-smoker's rights") Celine Fournier declared - they are not safe. Of course they don't contain tar, but other substances that they contain can be harmful for health... Besides, just imagine: someone has started to smoke electronic cigarette on a concert. All people have noticed this red lamp that imitates cigarettes' burn. Many people will start smoking real cigarette. But in some time situation will get out of control and entire concert hall will smoke." Actually, Celine Fournier has confirmed fact about which many people speak: anti-tobacco activists bid not for nation's health but with tobacco manufacturers.</p> <p>Fighters for rights to smoke note one more indirect proof that anti-tobacco lobby is now fulfilling function that is far from that declared - to fight for health of the nation. Alcohol, they tell, harms society even more than tobacco smoking. However, there are no anti-alcohol Companies in the world, but bottles with wine, vodka or whisky are not decorated with pictures with liver affected with cirrhosis or something like this. The explanation is simple. Pharmaceutical Companies interested in promoting nicotine chewing gums and patches are not less interested in promoting multiple products that deprive of alcohol withdrawal syndrome as well. If person will not drink vodka he will not need medicine to get rid of alcohol withdrawal syndrome at the morning. That is entire secret.</p>