<p><b>War and destruction</b></p> <p>Questions among many experts started to appear while fight against smoking continued: anti-tobacco lobby that has notably established its influence, suddenly began to tell that all measures that have been reached are insufficient. For example, it was announced that financing of anti-tobacco campaigns by tobacco manufacturers is an indirect advertising, that "passive smoking" is even more dangerous then "active" one. Even researches have been made; their results proofed that smoker gets insignificant part of harmful substances that tobacco contains, while their major part is absorbed by "passive smokers".</p> <p>Namely at this time began mass introduction of smoking bans in public places, restaurants, hotels, work places. Bans became less strict and now in many countries of the world smoking is prohibited even in own apartments if, for example, there lives apart from smoker a child.</p> <p>Experts also started to note that recommendations and rules, determined for tobacco Companies and Sellers, oftener are directed not on protection of non-smokers but on complicating or making impossible production and purchase of tobacco products by those who have right for this.</p> <p>For the last few months appeared several such recommendations and rules. In Britain, Canada and some other countries was declared that after some time ban on tobacco and tobacco products advertising will be treated maximally widely. To tobacco advertising will be equaled appearance of <b>cigarettes</b> on shop window or counter. I.e. it will be possible to sale <b>cigarettes</b>, but buyer will have to guess himself that <b>cigarettes</b> are offered for sale and ask for them the Seller. Colorful pack of <b>cigarettes</b> will be equaled to advertising as well. They will be sold in identical packs of dull brown color. Cigarette brands will be printed with the same font; in return warning about smoking harm will become more colorful and larger.</p> <p>By the way, first colorful warnings about smoking harm appeared in Canada: there manufacturers were obliged to illustrate on cigarette packs pictures of various organs that suffered of smoking - smoker's lungs, smoker's heart and so on. Step-by-step vogue for graphic warnings has spreading all over the word. But very recently - and it is one of new strikes on tobacco manufacturers - in USA was declared that on packs with <a href="http://www.cigline.net/"><b>cigarettes</b></a> will be shown bodies that died of various cancer diseases. Finally, on recent meeting of health services representatives in Uruguay was decided to prohibit flavor additives in cigarette tobacco. As it quasi makes smoking more attractive.</p> <p>In fact forthcoming measures mean that practically all tobacco Companies in the world will have to stop manufacturing process as one or other aromatic and flavor additives are used in manufacturing of majority of <b>cigarettes</b>.</p> <p>"Last authorities' initiative and anti-tobacco lobby if considering them together clearly show that the main task of our opponents is to absolutely destroy tobacco industry, to stop manufacturing and sale of <b>cigarettes</b>, - employee of one of Britain tobacco Companies on condition of anonymity says. - It makes to think a lot over who takes advantage of it."</p>