<p><b>Got a light?</b></p> <p>In the middle of November 2010 in tobacco war that continues several decades already has sounded a shot. Aromatic additions in <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> prohibition, even more frightening warnings on packs and brown color of packs is evident victory of activists against tobacco Companies. However it has very distant relation to health.</p> <p>Activists against tobacco are often accused of cunning, latent interests, double standards. There are reasons for these accusations, of course. But, strange as it may seem, in the main activists against smoking are honest. They really undertake measures for total liquidation of smoking as of way nicotine entering inside human body because there are other methods.</p> <p>Barry Collen died on the night of January 2nd 2008. It is quite possible that activists against smoking would have included him in thoroughly made lists of tobacco victims if there wasn't reason of death. As Canadian newspaper The Winnipeg Sun informed, 74 years old man with half-century experience of smoking has died not of lung cancer or another disease that is usually related to smoking but because of hypothermia. As it turned out in process of investigation of Collen's death he went out to smoke in the yard of home for elderly people, where he lived, and most likely he wasn't able to enter inside. Outside was less than minus 20 centigrade degree. Inside the home for elderly people was smoking room; however personnel with all possible ways tried not to allow aged people using it. For example, Collen was prohibited to visit smoking room because "he smoked a lot" according to personnel's opinion.</p> <p>At the end of the same 2008, Britain newspapers have informed about one more death related directly not so much with smoking as with its prohibition. Lourens Walker 61 years old tax officer from Saint Columb, in Cornwall has jumped from the rock into the sea after local pub has introduced smoking ban. The Mirror newspaper quotes one of his friends: "He felt insulted. It was humiliating for him to stay outside and smoke".</p> <p>We can argue who is guilty of these people death: tobacco Companies that have addicted Walker and Collen to smoking or anti-tobacco activists that have created unbearable conditions for smokers. Fact remains fact: and pensioner from Canada and Britain officer became victim of long tobacco war that has gotten new progress during last few weeks.</p>