<p><b>Smoker's lungs by sight don't differ from lungs of non-smoking person</b></p> <p>In spite of what are social advertisement and a lot of pictures that illustrate difference between smoker's lungs and lungs of non-smoking person showing, there is no external difference between them. No pathologist can determinate without other signs such as yellowing of fingers and teeth, bronchus' condition and so on, has the person smoked while living.</p> <p>It is connected with the fact that in the lungs of usual city dweller gets huge number of hazardous substances from the air that as well as of hazardous substances from <a href="http://www.cigline.net/"><b>cigarettes</b></a> destroy lung tissue. On the pictures of type "Compare smoker's lungs and lings of non-smoking person" in fact are represented lungs of an adult person and pink and glossy lungs of a baby. People, who were born and entire life they lived in rural area, far away from transportation routes and plants can also make boast of "nice" lungs. But, we, townsmen are safe from it.</p> <p>So: although smoking, of course, is very harmful and lead to multiple diseases, smoker's lungs by sight don't differ from townsman's lungs that has never taken cigarette. This fact will confirm you any pathologist. Here are statements of medicolegal investigation specialists from professional forum: "Lungs acquire such a black-green color like it is a rotten body? Smokers don't have such lungs. Smokers' lungs don't distinguish from lung of townsmen in anything".</p> <p>"I don't know any specific signs that would allow distinguishing smoker's lungs from lungs of non-smoking person".</p> <p>"I distinguish smoker after yellow fingers and teeth. These signs are not very good as well but they are better than notorious "smoker's lungs"".</p>