<p><b>To overcome habit to smoking will help special diet</b></p> <p>After fruits and vegetables cigarettes' smoke seems to be very unpleasant.</p> <p>American nutritionists consider that special feeding will help to overcome desire to smoke. Researchers have found out that after eating some dishes taste of cigarettes becomes detestable.</p> <p>Two hundred of smokers were offered to estimate how pleasant they feel to smoke after they have eaten one or another product. It appeared to be that after fruits, vegetables (including - broccoli), cheese and beverages without caffeine taste of cigarettes became even worst than it is in fact. Yet alcohol, meat and beverages with caffeine acted vice versa, making taste of cigarettes "better".</p> <p>Author of the research, assistant professor of University Medical Center Duke Joseph McClernon says that "smoking is not just nicotine and psychological dependence. Many smokers in fact like flavor of the smoke (or they think that they like it). But manipulation with taste impressions can help putting stop with this habit".</p>