<p><b>Logos on cigarettes packs in Australia will be replaced with image of sick gums</b></p> <p>Australian authorities plan to prohibit to tobacco products manufacturers printing their logos on <b>cigarettes</b> packs. Besides, all packs will have to be produced only of green-mulatto color. It is said in the text of draft law that has been proclaimed recently.</p> <p>These measures that will become one of the severest in the world should help to reduce per cent of smokers in the country. Green-mulatto color has been chosen for a reason: according to the research results namely this color is the most unpleasant for smokers.</p> <p>Instead of logos on the packs will be printed images of sick gums, bleeding eyes and also pictures of children in hospital. These pictures will take not less than 75 per cents of pack's front side and the whole back side.</p> <p>According to draft law tobacco Companies will be allowed to write their brand name but with specially selected for this purpose font. All colorful pictures and advertising texts will be prohibited.</p>