<p><b>Cigarettes are not a medicine. Part 2</b></p> <p>Peter Groll that reproaches in address of "tobacco manufacturers" not always is appropriate. "When employee smokes, it is not difficult to determine how much time he spends not at his working place. If non-smoking employee will just seat at the table and will look at office walls, nobody will pay attention to it. But at this moment non-smoking employee doesn't provide more benefit than his smoking colleague".</p> <p>Hard times for smokers</p> <p>As the matter of fact legal claims regarding smoking are rare in Germany. Notwithstanding that there are always dissatisfied, there are no two uncompromising camps of smokers and their opponents in Germany. "Employer always has right to prohibit smoking on working place, - says expert Harald Schwamborn. - Smokers have nothing else to do but accept that the law is on employer's side. Moreover that now it is possible to predict that times for smokers will become even more difficult".</p> <p>Heavy smoker Peter Groll was bent on cardinal measures. In his law office he prohibited smoking. "I cannot permit my good standing suffer" - he says. However, the lawyer doesn't spare any efforts, any means for his image.</p> <p>There is no one answer on question if it is necessary to prohibit smoking for employees in the office.</p>