<p><b>Aged cigars. What does it mean?</b></p> <p>Some cigar lovers tell: with time first class cigars made of long leaf like cognac or vintage wines become more refined - interpenetration of different tobaccos flavors in the blend reaches perfection. According to manufacturers of cigar made of cut tobacco, several years of storage will not harm cigars, on the contrary bouquet will become more refined, and providing that they were not humidified and were not moved a lot of times from place to place.</p> <p>Bear in mind: while being in the tube, cigar can remain humid but process of aging will be a little slowed down. It is also slowed down if humidor is covered inside with lacquer.</p> <p>There is point of view according to which it is better to buy for long storage cigars with one, rich flavor as while aging bouquet fullness is lost.</p> <p>Almost all cigars, mainly made of long tobacco leaf after being produced are hold on the plant at least a month. However, because of cigar boom, this rule is not always observed and in America, for example, a lot of cigar lovers, don't begin to smoke cigar earlier than it will not spend "sanitary" term in their family humidor.</p> <p>According to one of Dominican master's words: cigars are as men, the older they are, the better they become. Before Castro "Havanas" on today auctions are sold together with vintage port wines and Madeira and they cost much more than those that have been just produced. However, it worth to repeat: if you will not take care of proper storage conditions, even genuine high quality cigar can become salvage. Cherish cigar and it will answer you with same.</p>