<p><b>What is humidor and how to buy it if it is expensive for you? Part 2</b></p> <p>Some people keep in one humidor cigars of various brands, letting their flavors mix freely. If you value cigar taste, don't keep different cigar brands in one humidor, take care to keep them separately - touching each other cigars quickly exchange their flavors. Many humidors are multi-sectional, some have movable partitions. If you have only one compartment, separate it by yourself. Really good material for partition is cedar. It is always good for cigar - it influences favorable its taste and flavor, absorbs extra humidity and weeps when inside is too dry. Cigar boxes are made of cedar, spacers for cigar tubes; humidor interior is paneled with it.</p> <p>It is preferred that inside wood be not lacquered as lacquer may pass its flavor to cigars. If inside of your humidor some cigars are in aluminum tubes but other without it, it can flavor to these cigars steel taste. That is why it is better to take cigars off the tube.</p> <p>Particular case is tubes of universal destination. Such Davidoff Tubos have longitudinal cut that can be opened and closed. Manufacturer warns that is you don't have opportunity to place cigars from these tubes in humidor within 24 hours after you have purchased them (providing that they were kept in Seller's humidor), you should open the cut and cigars will remain fresh during several days. When placing cigars in humidor, cuts should be opened.</p> <p>Some cigars are packed by manufacturers in boxes that contain humidifying device. It is unlikely that these cigar boxes can be treated as full-fledged humidor meant for long cigar keeping.</p> <p>In the world where cigar accessories and humidors are wide-spread and, there are people that have a lot of extravagant humidors and prefer to use a jar made of porcelain where freely fits a cup with water. The main is that it should be a hermetic black space and capacity with water. In Cubatabaco guide for Sellers is recommended to install in shop window a bowl with humid sponge.</p> <p>You can try to make something like this by yourself in your home, for experiment it is better to buy not very expensive cigars. If branded humidor can be provided with sensor that allows controlling and regulating in timely manner level of humidity, in case with a bowl you will have to make it by eye with bigger risk either to humidify or dry up cigar. If you are not predisposed to experiments with devices and don't have money for humidor, it is better for you to buy cigars in place where specialists know how to keep them and keep them in necessary storage conditions.</p>