<p><b>What is humidor and how to buy it if it is expensive for you? Part 1</b></p> <p>Cigar that was born in tropics should further exist in the same conditions. Recommended air temperature is approximately 20 centigrade degree (on the insert of boxes with Cuban cigars is showed 16-18, in Cubatabaco instruction for Sellers and restaurateurs 16-20, Davidoff Company prescribes 18-20, Dunhill 18-21). Humidity - having in view index of relative humidity - should be approximately 70 per cent (on the inserts in Havana 65-70, Davidoff 70-72, Dunhill 70-73).</p> <p>Regarding temperature - it coincides with your room. But how to maintain necessary level of humidity? Here are several methods. Of course, you have met cigar in tubes - aluminum or plastic, as a rule with spacer made of cedar. Tube for high quality cigar can be made in whole of cedar or glassed. Cigar while being in tube saves freshness till the moment the tube is opened. Some people consider that in such a way cigar can be kept for years, but different tubes have different hermiticity. So, if you have bought cigars and you are not going to smoke them the same day, place them into humidor.</p> <p>Humidor can be identified as closed space with humidifying device. But it can be either traveling box for five cigars, cabinet small chest for one hundred cigars, showcase cabinet or entire room in cigar shop. As humidifying device in cabinet variant is used sponge that absorbs water easily and gives it slowly back. But there are also other solutions. In one of Davidoff models, for example, it is a special mixture - you should add water here not oftener than once in two months. For humidifying device should be used distilled water, when using tap water, it wears out faster. Also if water contains exceeded level of mineral salts, they can during evaporation lay on cigars in form of dried chalky taint.</p> <p>If you buy cigar in cellophane package before placing it in humidor it is better to remove the wrapper.</p>