<p><b>How to choose appropriate time for cigar?</b></p> <p>Louis de Funese Hero in comedy "Frozen" ("Hibernatus") when something happened has asked: "Give me a tiny glass of cognac s and a huge cigar". In more serious situations his request was as follows: "Give me big glass of cognac and a tiny cigar". In this joke there is some wisdom: cigar selection to that or another moment is determined by your taste, wallet, health and time that you have and even delicacy. Let's try to smoke thick cigar on an empty stomach and you will understand that the right time to smoke it is after you have had satiated meal. It is even more right if you allow yourself not more than one cigar a day. Heavy smokers don't abnegate smoking cigar early morning - but, as a rule this is a small usual cigar. It also fits to be smoked during the day.</p> <p>In parties' menus that gather cigar devotees in USA can be found till three cigar types: one is smoked during aperitif, second between snacks and first dish, and the third during the dessert with coffee and cognac. Some people smoke during eating as well.</p> <p>When you are at home or in company of your friends you may not pay attention if cigar suits your appearance. But if you are among strange people and you don't have such an appearance like for example Arnold Schwarzenegger has, it is most likely that you will look quite strange with a big cigar.</p> <p>You shouldn't start smoking expensive cigar if you are excited, nervous - it is unlikely that it will calm you down but it is foe sure that you will not be able to enjoy it in full.</p> <p>Also, it is undeniable that it is unreal to smoke cigar on foot, it requires calm and peace. Before starting to smoke cigar you must gauge if you have enough time to smoke it. If you are not sure of it, it is better to buy a smaller cigar.</p>