<p><b>What for exist cigars the thickness of which is bigger than its length. And which cigar at present moment is the thickest in the world?</b></p> <p>Cigar length is length of your pleasure. But its thickness determines quality. Very thin cigar is more pointed.</p> <p>For connoisseurs does matter diameter difference even in two or three ring. Here robustos, double coronas and churchills devotees can be sarcastic: "Smoking panatelas is like drinking Mouton Rothschilds through a straw".</p> <p>Big cigar that has serial production Honduran Cuba Aliados General is 18 inches long (45.72 centimeters) and has 2.62 centimeters diameter. Jamaican Macanudo Duke of Wellington is very long and very thin - 8.5 inches * 38 (21.6 centimeters*1.5 centimeters). Not much shorter (17.5 centimeters) but much thicker (1.1 centimeters) is Cuban cigar Monte Cristo #7. Cuban cigar Bolivar is interesting because under this name together with other varieties was manufactured small Cuban cigar - Delgados that has length not more than 2 inches.</p> <p>On Canary Islands - one of placed on the Earth with old traditions of cigar manufacturing - you can meet cigars of big size in souvenir shops.</p>