<p><b>Who invented cigars and why they are called so?</b></p> <p>Cigar and tobacco discovering connect with Christopher Columbus who has also discovered America. During his main expedition (year 1492) while visiting Caribbean islands, famous today as San Salvador, Cuba and Haiti. Castilians have met aborigines who have drawn smoke out of oblong bundles made of palm or corn leaf with strange filling. These bundles aboriginals called tobaco but filling - cohiba.</p> <p>It happened so that European's filling started to be called tobacco but word cohiba Cubans will remember at the end on 60th, creating the main cigar brand during all revolutions. Till present moment cigar on Cuba is still named with antique word tobaco. But word "cigar" that supposedly sounds the same way in many languages originates from South American Indians language that are considered authors of this remarkable invention. Indian Statuette in front of entrance till today is identification mark of many tobacco shops.</p> <p>During Carmen times cigars were rolled up by men who used wooden benches for this purpose. Female hands are considered not masterful enough for this work.</p> <p>Another version connects myth origin with Gallic journalist that visited Cuba last century. He has watched how women-islanders have smoothed out moistened tobacco leafs on their knees (it can be observed even today). And he has added something his own in reportage and a legend was created.</p>