<p><b>Cigarettes don't help to lose weight. Part 2</b></p> <p>With that, weight difference determined in this case appears to be, say the least, some ghostly. In spite of that circumstance that inveterate tobacco lovers that are middle aged and appear to be thinner than persons of the same age that don't smoke, but fats' distribution in their body leads to deformation of the body. Research has showed that cigarettes' influence on endocrine system is characterized with abnormal distribution through entire body even normal quantity of fats. In this case fatty deposits accumulate round the waist and top part of the body and not round the hips as it happens under ordinary conditions. It is clearly enough that all these lead to higher proportion "waist to hip" and it grows with increase of cigarettes' quantity smoked every day. Last affirmation is based on results of one of researchers that has covered almost 12 thousand of women of age from 40 to 73.</p> <p>Not less interesting and unexpected statement have made specialists of anti-smoking Italian Institute. According to data that were received face skin of woman that has quit smoking 13 years becomes younger in 9 months! Experiment results in which participants had to quit smoking and undergo medical tests every 3 months have showed that skin of these experiment participants became younger in average for 13 years but their weight appear to be smaller and for few kilograms.</p>