<p><b>All strange secrets disclose cigarettes</b></p> <p>On cigarettes packs started to appear big inscriptions lately about their killing content. According to them smokers' fate is already decided: either quit or die! When vicious habit will be finally defeated we will lose source of additional information about many people around. As psychologists are sure that smoker' actions are almost always a ritual.</p> <p>Pipe smokers make decisions quite long - they shake out tobacco remainders, clean the pipe, smoke it... Pipe smoker will not insult woman with remainder sudden break of relations but will look for "bloodless" reason for parting and will find it. Cigars' lover is direct opposite. He, as a rule, positions himself higher than everyone and moreover higher than women even if she is the most proved wife or faithful lover.</p> <p>Cigarettes' lovers are almost the biggest category of people on Earth. But gestures of each of them haven't become less characteristic because of this. Smokers consider in vain that with help of "smoke in eyes" they can, for example, hide their feelings on a date. Cigarette, on the contrary underlines a lot of things...</p> <p>Self-confident person that experiences positive emotions, breathe smoke out upwards. Smoke downwards is dumps, "black" thoughts about interlocutor. Smoke from lips' corners means extreme distrust. But if smoke is inhaled slowly, all is not lost - smoker hasn't made the decision yet. Make a step forwards your interlocutor. Maybe he will start to breathe smoke out straight or upwards. It means that decision is already made and positively for you.</p> <p>Some more remarks. Ladies who breathe smoke out through nostrils are usually vulgar and inclined to harsh love. The same is with men - it is sign of self-confidence. Smoke rings from ladies' mouth speak of abandon. Man that makes the same rings tells, without being aware, that at present moment there is no love in his soul.</p>