<p><b>USA starts advertising war with tobacco smoking. Part 2</b></p> <p>"Smoking can kill you", "Smoking during pregnancy can cause harm to your baby", "Tobacco smoke is the reason of fatal lung disease among non-smokers", "Cigarettes are fraught with cancer", "Cigarettes are your future apoplectic shock" and so on. Will these and other warnings given in such bright, aggressive manure reverse the situation?</p> <p>Another series is directed to beginners. "Attention! You get used with cigarettes very quickly" and comic-picture on which someone sticks cigarette in arm like a needle, one more picture shows man with neck, disfigured with tracheotomy and through this hole whistles smoke. But the following thing, made by child's handwriting on notebook paper, hits with direct focus on smoking mothers and fathers: "Tobacco smoke can cause harm to your children". Man that breathes out smoke to face of his beloved; blue foots of dead man with label, healthy lungs and black lungs of a smoker; cadaver with suture up breast after autopsy, cemetery with endless gravestones. FDA has approached to this thing with real passion even rage. By the way, according to FDA speaker, manufacturing of labels is entrusted to tobacco Companies. Authorities will not spend any cent on this.</p> <p>Law that has entitled FDA with right to regulate manufacturing, marketing and sales of tobacco products was signed by Barack Obama in June 2009. Besides, now packs cannot be marked with inscriptions "Lights" and "With low content of tar" that absolutely had purpose to attract young people. Finally, new law requires for at least 20 per cent of big advertisement that glorify tobacco would be given to warnings described above.</p>