<p><b>USA starts advertising war with tobacco smoking. Part 1</b></p> <p>Dead man inside a coffin, crying child, thinned on the top man and so on. All of these are new graphic "bogeyman stories" that Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is going to use to adorn cigarette packs. Will this frighten smokers?</p> <p>These innovations have been presented Wednesday, November 10th in execution of the law from 2009 that requires introduction of new and larger labels that underline destructive influence of smoking on health. Illustrations-warnings will take approximately half of front side of the pack, and they will be placed only on top for better visibility.</p> <p>FDA has placed on their web-site series of 36 "bogeyman stories" with hope for reaction from part of public. As result after "nationwide discussion" only nine labels will be used. They must be chosen till January 9th.</p> <p>By offering such radical illustrations, FDA has declared war to frightening sickness and death rate because of tobacco smoking, has commented initiative the FDA head Margaret Hamburg, paying attention that all this horror should be and will be obvious for everyone who will take such pack in hands. Frightening images will appear on American cigarette packs and in tobacco products advertisement in October 2012. Meanwhile this is limited to standard slogan that is printed along the edge of the pack: "SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide".</p> <p>Every year smoking kills 443 thousands of Americans, informs FDA. Tobacco smoking is the main reason of premature mortality in USA.</p>