<p><b>For smoking on balcony Finns will pay penalty in amount of one thousand euro.</p></b> <p>People who like to smoke on the balcony will have to pay a lot for their liking. Helsinki authorities intend to make people pay penalty in amount of one thousand euro who staying on their loggia with <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> in hands, spoil air in neighboring house.</p> <p>New rules that from now on will hang in every block of flats became part of struggle of Finnish authorities with smoking. Recently, they have declared about decision to obtain that quantity of smokers in country would steadily decrease and country would enter 2040 absolutely non-smoking. The main is, according to Ministry of Health not to allow appearance of new smokers, for this is necessary to reduce interest to tobacco products, make them less attractive, and educate population.</p> <p>Today already Finland is considered one of the most "non-smoking" countries in the world. Smoking in Suomi is prohibited in public places, restaurants and bars don't have rooms for smokers but those visitors that want to smoke cigarette during the dinner have to leave table for it and go to special smoking rooms. Smoking during business negotiations is prohibited - however smoking rooms exist in large business-centers and office buildings, it is unlikely that someone will consider inviting partner to continue dialog in small smoke-filled room.</p> <p>And now Finnish smokers were not able to hold last bastion - right to smoke in their on house. Soon in Finland will com into force one more law that will prohibit smoking in personal car if you carry children inside - even in spite of the fact that the same children, coming home can as long ad they wish enjoy their smoking parents. Smoking is prohibited in theaters, public transport, public health and educational institutions. Also tobacco products advertisement is prohibited and their sale to persons that are younger than 18 years. These measures give their result: beginning with 1980 quantity of smokers in country always is decreasing and at present moment every day smoke just 26 per cents of Finnish man and 19 per cents of women, - states victoriously Finnish Ministry of Public Health statistics.</p>